Stardom – Peaky Blinders


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Stardom - Peaky Blinders


  1. Intro
  2. Roy Jones (Feat. KLizzy X Zpepc)
  3. Yungest (Feat. K1 X Grinch X Pepc)
  4. Bro Code (Feat. Shorty)
  5. Ready (Feat. Mitch X Pepc X O.G Diz)
  6. Do Road (Feat. Pepc X Mitch X Scubex)
  7. 10 Toes (Feat. KLizzy X K1 X Reeks)
  8. 8 Ball (Feat. Pepc X Mitch)
  9. Epic (Feat. Pepc X Dom)
  10. Gang (Feat. Grinch X Kracks X Mitch X Vipes X T19 X Limps X R.D X Shabba)
  11. Manaquin (Feat. Shorty X Pepc X KLizzy X K1)
  12. No Love (Feat. Mitch X R.D X Pepc)
  13. Same Shit (Feat. Reeks X Pepc)
  14. Madting (Feat. Pepc X Shorty)
  15. Boys 2 Men (Feat. Mitch X R.D)
  16. Trapstars (Feat. Pepc X Mitch)
  17. Nightmares (Feat. Grinch X Pepc X Vipes X Kracks)
  18. Fell In Love (Feat. Meeks X KO X Pepc)
  19. 10 Bricks (Feat. Pepc)
  20. Pain (Feat. Trigga)
  21. Mazza (Feat. K1 X Pepc X Mitch
  22. Riders (Feat. Scubex)
  23. 1 Hour 30 (Feat. Pepc)
  24. Pound Cake