Nines – Gone Till November

Nines - Gone Till November


  1. Tribute to Zino and Stylie
  2. Big Keyz Intro
  3. Penny For My Thoughts ft. Speshill
  4. The Maze
  5. Certified North West G ft. Fatz
  6. Right Now
  7. Trappin’ Ain’t Cool ft. Maestro
  8. Up In Smoke ft. Maestro
  9. Handle It
  10. Handle It pt.2
  11. Tap dat
  12. CRS Westwood Shutdown
  13. Fire In The Booth
  14. The Hardest Skrapz & Fundz (Bonus Track)
  15. Big Kees Outro


  • hendyog

    some really good tunes on here and nines bars are always on point, that big keys guy who hosts the album single handedly ruins the whole mixtape with his constant need to feel like he has to talk through the complete thing. he even does the ad libs for nines bars, its f*ckin cringe. guys beggin it bad on here.

    big keys if you see this, stick to dj’ing or whatever mate and keep your big dutty lips away from the mic cuz cause you ruined this guys CD innit.

    big up nines. if you can blank out the wasteman then its worth a listen.

  • Guest