Q. How do I send my mixtape?
Ans. Go onto our UPLOAD page & fill out the form.
Q. Is it free to upload my mixtape?
Ans. NO (we now charge a small fee, this helps with the running costs)
Q. if I upload my mixtape will it go onto the app?
Ans. Yes all mixtapes that are uploaded onto our website are featured on our app
Q. What should be included within my mixtape folder?
Ans. You MUST have your songs in MP3 format (preferably track listed) and your mixtape covers included.
Q. Can I send you the songs individually?
Ans. NO!!! Please make sure that you convert your mixtape folder into a zip file, as it could delay your mixtape being uploaded.
Q. When will my mixtape be uploaded?
Ans. Standard uploads (3-5 Working days) Fast track or scheduled (within 24hrs or date specified).
Q. How do I check how many downloads my mixtape has got on your website?
Ans. Email us at info@hoodtapes.co.uk quoting your mixtape name.
Q. How do I download a mixtape?
Ans. Once you are on the mixtape page of choice simply press the DOWNLOAD button.
Q. How do I go about advertising on the website?
Ans. Email us at advertisement@hoodtapes.co.uk.
Didn’t answer your question? feel free to email us now on info@hoodtapes.co.uk